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Note: Paramount owns the rights to Star Trek: Voyager. I'm just having some fun here.

This is for all of you JetC fanfic writers out there who want to try your hand at rewriting scripts your way. Pictured below are 7 photos taken from an episode. Try your hand at rewriting the dialogue as I have done here. If you'd like to see your re-write published on my website, please email me your dialogue for each photo along with your name/nickname and I'll put it in with a link below to your revision. Have fun with this!

"What? I just said we were awfully busy, but that we didn't mind stopping by for a minute or two."

"We better make it longer than that or they may get suspicious."

"Chakotay, will you please take your hand off my ass before someone sees what you're doing?"

"Don't worry, I won't get caught. Just let me have a little fun here."

"Kathryn, I can't help it if the view is driving me crazy."

"Why don't we leave now? Come on, I'll race you back to my quarters."

"You're on!"